Nutrition Builds a Nation

We believe in Nutrition builds a Nation.

At ABT Foods we stand for what we believe in. From the procurement process to production and distribution, every packaged food comes with the taste of purity and the promise of quality. At ABT Foods, we dream of a nourished and healthier tomorrow. Our responsibility does not end with providing quality products to our customers. It also includes inculcating healthy eating habits among our customers and the current generation crunched for time.

Quality is our biggest promise, we cherish keeping it up. As one of the premium milk producing companies in Tamil Nadu, ABT Foods under the brand “Sakthi” embodies consistency in the delivery of tasty and healthy dairy products.

ABT Foods produces a range of ‘Ready-to-Cook Instant Mixes‘ . All of our recipes replicate the taste of authentic homemade food, contain the same nutritional values and help you cook with ease.

We will make good health your best friend, because we care and it shows in our products.

Quicker, Healthier, Tastier!

Food completes you and me. Food that completes you needs to make you healthy and happy. ABT Foods exemplifies quality and taste, because we believe good health is good company.

Our quality, the paramount promise

We practise immense consistency in delivering quality products.

Our taste, distinct and irrefutable

We let you explore and enjoy our exquisite flavours.

Our varieties, flavoursome and joyful

We are multifarious, we let you choose what you want.


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